McLaren’s First-ever ‘Hyper-GT’ Car, Speedtail, Announced!

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Described as ‘the ultimate McLaren,’ Speedtail has a top speed in excess of 243 MPH.

Oh, McLaren, you great big tease. The brand today has announced a new, world-leading supercar that will become the new top-of-the-range halo model for the brand. Dubbed “Speedtail,” this latest McLaren model is a hyper-exclusive, “hyper-GT,” the first we have heard this terminology used. As per McLaren, “The McLaren Speedtail is quite simply the ultimate road-going McLaren. Pure velocity. Peerless design. Brought together as one.” Sounds promising.

As part of the brand’s Ultimate Series, Speedtail will be limited to just 106 examples, worldwide. The name Speedtail, is, unsurprisingly, derived from the McLaren Long Tail (LT) series of ultra-high performance super cars. The Long Tails have, well, longer tails. That enhanced bodywork enables higher top speeds and more jaw-dropping stats and figures.

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Naturally, Speedtail comes with it’s own string of massive accolades, and the car hasn’t even been fully unveiled, yet. McLaren claims a top speed in excess of 243 MPH. That number is the top speed possessed by the iconic McLaren F1. Also like the F1 is the interior, as the Speedtail will have just three seats. That’s one up front and two just behind the driver. Yes, the driver’s seat is center-mounted.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the full reveal is slated to occur on October 26, so stay tuned.

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