Mansion with Go-Kart Track Is our Dream Home

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Irish mansion with a go-kart track.

Tucked away in Northern Ireland is a high-end go-kart track. Also included is a luxurious mansion…and a helipad!

At a bargain price of just $3,000,000, DuPont Registry spotted this incredible mansion complete with its own 1,100-yard go-kart track and a separate smaller track for kids. This is not the first time we’ve seen this track in Moneymore, Northern Ireland, but the facility has been expanded since 2015 and is now a commercial project currently operating as Railway Karting. That means, in theory, the track could well end up paying for itself as a venue as well as being an awesome toy for the owner.

The main track is all up to strict codes and safety standards as well as approved by the UK’s Motor Sports Association. The facility includes outbuildings, a race control with a reception area, a viewing area, a training area, and a drivers meeting area. There’s even an adventure playground for the kids as well as a picnic and BBQ area for the whole family. The track does look fantastic in the video below, but we would definitely have a few more specialist karts tucked away to take full advantage of the tarmac after hours, and leave the rentals for the renters.

The 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom mansion is just as feature-packed. To prepare for the hours of racing around their own track, the owner has a gym and a swimming pool in the house. Then to relax after a day screaming around the circuit, there’s a solarium, spa, sauna, and cinema room.


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The property is only an hour’s drive away from Belfast International airport but there’s also a convenient helipad available. However, the owner of a mansion and go-kart track is likely to enjoy driving, and there’s a three car garage and private entrance to that part of the property.

All-in-all, having your own mansion in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland is one thing, but having a side business attached that involves a racetrack makes this one hell of a dream home.

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