Porsche’s 996 Carrera is Still King of Bang for Buck

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996 carrera gt3 aero

You can have a specially optioned, well maintained, and properly modified 996 for the price of a Honda Civic.

We know it is daft to compare old cars to new ones, but sometimes perspectives change when you have an open mind to older cars. We’re talking here specifically of the 996, and our daft reference is the perfectly fine, but slightly less soulful Civic Si.

Porsche’s 996 was criticized (occasionally) when new for its styling. While that may have driven prices down to very appealing entry level pricing, common faults currently keep these cars in a buyer’s market. However, there’s lots of redeeming features to be had, and we feel one that has been “corrected” makes it one of the best Porsches currently out there.

996 carrera gt3 aero

Take for example this 996 Carrera we spotted on Craigslist. While there are less expensive 911’s out there to be had, this one stood out as an example of a seriously good deal.

There’s been countless references for buying a used 996, mainly covering things like the IMS issue and other buying points, so we would rather focus on an interesting point with this car in particular: buying a car that has been properly used, and also, modified.

For this specific post, were talking to those who are interested in having a Porsche you can take to the track. The large aftermarket that supports the 996, plus the car’s relatively low swing in current market trends make it very appealing. However, its always possible to modify a car in such a way that that changes the usual dynamics and characteristics of the 996 Carrera. That has led some to prefer to start from a clean slate.

But some of them are truly well-built, and most often if they are used on track, the owners have an even higher propensity to take care of them properly.

996 carrera gt3 aero

One peek at the maintenance recently performed reveals that all concerns about engine longevity have already been addressed. As well, the seller is a PCA member who is meticulous about maintenance, and bought it from another owner who cared about the car in exactly the same way.

To boot, it comes with some decent hardware for track use, but nothing that would prevent it from being converted back to its original spec. Did we mention those GT3 aero pieces are original spec, too? Yeah, it’s an M030 optioned car.

Best bang for buck ever? Yep, best bang for buck ever.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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