Porsche Boxster GT4 Readying For Production

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Porsche Boxster GT4 12

The Porsche Boxster has always lived in the shadow of the 911. Even if it is just as good of a car to drive as the 911, it’s often shunned as the car that announces to the world that you couldn’t afford a 911.

Hoping to finally change the reputation, it appears Porsche is preparing a harder-core GT4 version of the Boxster, to go along with the planned Cayman GT4. We see it here cold weather testing leaving very little to the imagination.

Porsche Boxster GT4 5

Expect it to be powered by a more potent version of the engine in the Boxster GTS (maybe turbocharged) making somewhere near 400 hp. Porsche has been good at offering buyers a choice of transmission on the Boxster, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this version is only offered with the 7-speed PDK automatic.

That’d be following the formula of the larger 911 GT3. Expect all of the Porsche go-fast goodies to be there, including their torque vectoring unit, sports exhaust, active dampers, and carbon ceramic brakes.

Porsche Boxster GT4 8

Visually, a new front bumper improves airflow, and a larger lip spoiler sits on the rear deck to help keep the downforce in check. As for price, who knows? The current GTS Boxster starts at $73,500, and can easily crest $100,000 with options.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see the new GT4 to start in the $85,000 range. That’s 911 money, though not with as many options or as much power. Would you pick the GT4 with options over a more stripped-out 911 for the same price?

Expect to see the new car debut sometime next year.

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