Stolen Yellow Ferrari 488 Recovered by Authorities in Matte Black

By - Ferrari 488 Stolen Mexico Painted Found Police

Nothing against black, but this Ferrari 488 was supposed to be yellow.

Undoubtedly criminals are clever sometimes, and other times not so much. Despite being a hub for some of the world’s most coveted sports cars (even within the exotic segment), a Ferrari 488 is going to catch a bit of attention rolling down the average Mexican road. Even more so with a spotty wrap job.

According to GT Spirita Giallo Modena Ferrari 488 was reported stolen in Mexico. That’s yellow, for our non-Italian-speaking friends. Naturally, there aren’t a lot of those roaming about the Mexican roads. Of course, the car was found, abandoned, in due time. However, sharp-eyed readers will notice something crucial about this yellow Ferrari 488. It seems the criminals painted the car flat black in an attempt to throw off prying eyes and motor undercover. However, a 488 will never be a machine of subtleties.

Although the car was not damaged, it has been tarnished with the awful paint job. However, we can’t help but feel happy for the owner. Usually, a car stolen in Mexico is never seen again, so at least that’s some consolation. Ferrari 488 Stolen Mexico Painted Found Police

A closer look at the photos provided, reveal that neither the exterior or interior were vandalized. Perhaps the joyriders simply ran out of gas? It may sound crazy, but it proves to be the only logic behind this rare situation.

If this were true, why would they have gone through the hassle of wrapping or “painting” the yellow Ferrari black? As you can notice on the rear end, the black could be easily rubbed or peeled off to reveal the true color. Regardless of the crooks’ logic behind this, they should be recognized for the great care they showed toward the prancing horse.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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