Turbo Lamborghini Owner Searches for an Oil Leak and Advice

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YouTuber installed a twin turbo kit on his Lamborghini, but an oil smoke issue is preventing a proper dyno run.

While any Lamborghini will turn heads, there is just something magical about adding a set of big turbochargers to the Italian supercars. The host of the Tavarish YouTube channel recently took it upon himself to add a twin turbo setup to his Gallardo and he wants to get it on the dyno for tuning and testing, but an oil smoke issue is standing in the way.

Tavarish Lamborghini

Hunting an Oiling Issue

The video above begins with the host explaining that he has been working on his “cheap Lamborghini”, including adding an adjustable suspension setup and troubleshooting his twin turbo setup. His goal is to get the car on the dyno, where the shop can properly tune the boosted engine and see how much power it makes, but first he has to address an issue with the car.

Lamborghini Wide Side

In a short cut-a-way where the owner fires up the Gallardo, we can see blue-white smoke coming from the rear of the car. Anyone who has spent any time working on performance cars will recognize this as oil smoke, so before getting the car to the dyno – he has to find and fix the oiling issue.

Check the PCV System

The host begins by explaining how his dry dump oiling system works and how he does not run a conventional PCV system. On a car with a traditional PCV system, excessive crankcase pressure can lead to oil being sent into the intake at unusually high rates, but his Lamborghini doesn’t have a recirculating system, so there is no chance of this being the cause of the burnout oil. Just to make sure, he shows us the spotless intake tubes.

LAmborghini Problem

The Troublesome Turbocharger

Next, he looks around the rear end of the Gallardo, focusing on the oil lines running to and from his twin turbo setup. When he spots some oil on the garage floor below the driver’s side turbo, he has found the location of his problem. Upon further inspection, he finds that the oil is leaking around the seals and dripping off of the outer housing of the turbocharger. The inside of the housing is clean on both sides, so the host believes that there is excess oil pressure causing the leak.

Lamborghini Turbo

While he doesn’t know for sure, he believes that a Y-fitting in the oil return line system is causing too much backpressure and as a result, the oil is leaking around the seals of the turbocharger. However, he doesn’t know for sure, so if anyone reading this has any input on how to fix his problem – he is clearly open to suggestions.

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