911 Turbo Spied Without Camo

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Now that the 911 GT3 is out of the bag, Porsche is free to put their finishing touches on the next 911 in line: The Turbo. Where the GT3 is Porsche’s offering when it comes to a track car, the Turbo is where it’s at if you have a need for speed.

Now, these are spyshots, so we don’t really have a lot of detail on things like power. Still, we know that the 991 chassis is markedly faster than the 997 ┬ásimply due to fact that it’s just plain better than the old chassis. It weighs less, has more grip, and has the best handling characteristics of any 911. Now, with the Turbo, it’ll have to speed as well.

From the pictures, we can tell that it’ll look pretty bad ass. The characteristic rear fender vents are present and accounted for. What’s different (or exceptional) is the venting the 911 rump, right above the engine bay. It’s got this segmented look to it that’s a pretty stylish departure from form for the 911. I’m certain it’s effective, but it’s also really aggressive. Again, this is a 911 we’re talking about here, so “really aggressive” just means it’ll be easy to tell this one apart from every other 911 ever built.

The whole thing looks great. I can’t wait until Porsche releases more info about what kind of go fast goodies they settled on for the Turbo 911. I’m expecting something, like 500 horsepower out of the gate. We’ll just have to wait and see.

via [MotorAuthority]

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