Drift BBI Autosport’s 850-Horsepower RWD 997 Turbo

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This nasty exhaust popping fire spitter 997 Turbo roars through an abandoned neighborhood taking out piñatas along the way.

We aren’t really sure the purpose of this video, other than to show off the handywork of a piñata company or David Rawberts’ hatred for the candy-filled paper party treats. However, we do know the purpose doesn’t matter. This display of BBI Autosport-crafted horsepower and drifting talent is automotive content popcorn to be consumed rapidly, and without filling. It’s a fun piece of video with loud action and shaky-cam attention grabbing visuals. This is a nothingburger in the best meaning of the word. Sit back, turn up the sound, and bask in a minute and forty-eight seconds of awe-inducing Porsche 997 Turbo action.

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This video has everything a modern snappy attention-grabbing YouTube video needs; a fast paced action heavy sequence, jump cuts galore, a tenuous premise, Michael Bay-style film direction, drifting, and a background skater for some reason. All that said, this is pretty fun to watch, and doesn’t overstay its welcome, so just click the play button and smile. One thing is for certain, the BBI-built Mezger engine, alleged to make 850 horsepower to the rear wheels, sounds like an absolute dream. With the cracks and pops of the car off throttle, this car means serious business. Throw in a sequentially shifted manual transmission, and this is a wild car.

If you had that much power under your right foot, and a nearly seamless shift transmission under the control of your right hand, and an empty neighborhood to drive it in, surely you’d go hunting for piñatas that spell out S-K-A-T-E too, right? It is the only reasonable and sane thing you can possibly do in a situation like that. What do you think of Mr. Rawberts’ hunting skills? Do they pass muster? Weigh in with your discussion points on the forums.

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