Porsche Mission E Test Mules on the Road with Teslas?

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porsche mission e testing tesla

The Porsche Mission E is designed to beat Tesla at their own game. So when the testing mules hit the road, what do you think Porsche brought along? 

Our friends at Rennlist shared the latest exclusive news on the Porsche Mission E.

The Porsche Mission E concept is a all electric high performance sedan with a 300 mile range. The Tesla Model S is a all electric high performance sedan with a 315 mile range. Porsche has been testing the Mission E mules around Germany recently. In the convoy of disguised test cars there are a few of Tesla’s offerings. Porsche knows the Model S & X are the flagship cars to beat in the all electric segment. What better way to see how your development cars stack up against the competition, then to drive them on the same test.

porsche mission e rear

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Automakers often will buy their competitors cars to tear apart and study. We are sure behind closed doors, quite a few automakers have done this to Tesla’s Model S and X. The packaging of the Tesla is very unique in the market place. The floor of the entire cabin is lined with battery packs. Porsche must have studied this design. As a result, the Porsche Mission E shows a very similar battery placement. Also, this design allows for a low center of gravity and offers the best placement for handling. Tesla is using motors at all four wheels maximizes power and efficiency. So, just like the Tesla Model S P100D, the Mission E will have electric motors turning all four wheels.

porsche mission e side

The Mission E development cars do not look as sleek as the concept car. Porsche is clearly trying to hide the final details of the production model. The shape is very close to a Panamera, even though the Mission E will be on a unique platform. The rear ends of these mules even have Panamera style exhaust tips visible. We are sure this is just a ruse to confuse the public from seeing the car before it is ready for production. We here are 6speedOnline want to see the production Mission E and get to experience Porsche’s take on an electric super sedan.  Let us know what you think of the Porsche Mission E in the comments below.

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