Koenigsegg Agera RS Resets World Record From Zero to 249 MPH to Zero

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In 36.44 seconds, Sweden’s Koenigsegg Agera RS becomes the new king of speed. What does this world record run look like from the driver’s seat?

The Koenigsegg Agera RS is a incredible hypercar from a tiny manufacturer in Sweden. Yet, it is taking on the giant that is Bugatti in a contest of world record acceleration and braking. Just over a month ago, the Bugatti Chiron set a new world record doing the same zero to 400 kph(249mph) to zero in 41.96 seconds. The Chiron is the latest and fastest car offered by Bugatti. It has 1,479 horsepower from its eight liter W16 engine with quad turbo chargers. Also, it weights around 4,400 pounds. Bugatti is the crown jewel of the Volkswagen group. The development budget of the Veyron and following Chiron models could fund most small countries. So, how is the Koenigsegg Agera RS supposed to compete with such an automotive giant?

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The founder and CEO of Koenigsegg, is Christian von Koenigsegg, and this company is his life’s work. He started building his dream car out of shear drive and determination. The small hypercar company has evolved over the years. The Agera RS is their latest production car and it is a giant slayer. The carbon fiber and aluminum honey comb monocoque means the Agera RS weighs only 3,075 lbs.  Compared this to the Bugatti Chiron’s 4,400 lbs. Taking this 1300 weight advantage and pairing it with a five liter twin turbo v8, gives the fly-weight Agera RS a heavy punch. The in-house developed motor puts out a massive 1,360 hp and 1,011 ft lbs of torque. So, why did Koenigsegg decide to take on Bugatti and their new world record?

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In fact, it was the owner of the record breaking Agera RS who asked Koenigsegg to test the car from zero to 400 kph to zero. So, it was this US based customer, that wanted to have his new car tested against the competition. Koengisegg happily took the Agera RS to a World War Two Danish Army airfield and calibrated the car for the conditions. Finally at the end of the day, the test driver delivered a time of 36.44 seconds from zero to 400 kph to zero. Now, the new world record belongs to the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Watch the video and see the record setting run for yourself. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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