MotorWeek Gets Their Hands On The Incredibly Rare Lamborghini Centenario

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The 37th season of MotorWeek opens on a Lamborghini built to celebrate Ferruccio’s 100th birthday

Lamborghini’s Centenario [pronounced Chen-Ten-Are-Ee-Yo] is a new carbon body on top of the already exciting Aventador SV, and it costs an astonishing 2.4 million dollars. We’ve never even seen one in real life, and likely never will. Lamborghini built a limited number of these cars to celebrate Ferruccio’s birthday, and they are intended for a unique clientele. MotorWeek, part of Maryland Public Television in Owings Mills, MD, was able to get their hands on one of these rare beasts. Presumably on loan from one of those few owners. In any case, we’re excited to actually see one of these on camera, even if we can’t get our own hands on one.

As you’d expect from a multi-million dollar, limited edition Lamborghini with 759 horsepower and a 2.8 second 0-60mph time, the adjectives used to describe the driving experience are some variation on ‘insane’ or ‘magical’. Each piece is made to the buyer’s specifications, so while this one is kitted with a black and red theme, inside and out, there is almost certainly no other like it. Everything about this car screams over-the-top, and that’s exactly why someone might be willing to spend millions of dollars on one.

We aren’t sure how much longer Lamborghini will be building V12 screamers like the Aventador-based Centenario, but while they are here, we want to hear them as much as we possibly can. For this video, kick back and turn up the sound to hear the ripping exhaust note, we’re sure you won’t regret it. It doesn’t hurt that John Davis’ dulcet tones play accompaniment. And a special thanks to whoever owns this beast, allowing a handful of MotorWeek folks behind the wheel for a day. Where most of these cars will end up in a glass display case never to be driven, we are happy that this one is allowed to be thrashed a bit, as Ferruccio would have intended. Motorweek Lamborghini Centenario

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