The Best and Worst Ferrari F12 TRS Video You’ll Ever Watch

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After blasting its V12’s melodic tune for a couple of minutes, the $4.2M F12 TRS lines up for a drag race, and it…

Being teased sucks, right? One can only take so much before it gets frustrating, and things typically escalate from there. Such is the case of this video courtesy of Supercars of Austria, which features the stunning Ferrari F12 TRS.

The video was filmed in Ambrì Piotta, Switzerland, where a congregation of supercars and their high-end owners made for an extravagant atmosphere. But needless to say, it was the one-of-two F12 TRS that took the cake. In case you’re wondering, the other one, which is red, also belongs to the same person.


The video begins when the Ferrari is still inside its transporter. It suddenly fires up the fire-breathing V12, sending gorgeous sound waves out the back of the truck. After what seems like an eternity, the F12 TRS is finally completely free from its protective box, quickly making its way to the airstrip nearby. Amusingly enough, spotters literally scatter and run at full-speed to get the right shot of this beauty.


Until this point, the Ferrari hasn’t exceeded five miles per hour, but the sound of the engine is simply delightful and by far the highlight of the video. As the owner and his passenger arrive at the airstrip, they line up next to a Porsche and it seems they’re about to engage in a drag race. That’s when the crescendo of this video comes crashing down in disappointment.

Not only does the F12 TRS not take off at speed, but it just sort of puddles around after the Porsche takes off. Then, the video ends. We had hoped the good teasing would end up turning into something hotter, but it didn’t.


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