Cool Gear: Ferrari Motorcycle Helmet

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When it comes to merchandising, we play a game around here: genius or…a stretch? For example, when a luxury car company that doesn’t even manufacture bikes goes ahead and licenses a motorcycle helmet, do you roll your eyes or reach for your wallet? In this case, we’re going with wallet.

Our argument? Although Ferrari is not exactly synonymous with bikes, Enzo Ferrari was a bike enthusiast and believed that bike racing was the ultimate training for his racing drivers. His original Scuderia Ferrari had a successful motorcycle racing division. OK, actually we really just like the look and feel of this helmet, which is the result of collaboration between Ferrari and another Italian powerhouse, NewMax, which has 40 years in the high-end helmet business.

The helmet’s outer shell is formed from advanced thermoplastic polymer with scratch-resistant finish, and covered in supple Italian leather. Satin-finished aluminum accents and a visor of scratch-resistant polycarbonate seal the deal. Unfortunately, Ferrari is no longer selling this limited edition line. Which kind of makes us want it even more.

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