FXX K Yeah! Uber-Exclusive LaFerrari Track Monster Revealed

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The marketing department at Maranello took a lot of heat over the name of Ferrari’s latest supercar—and they should have. LaFerrari is a shitty name.

But at the end of the day, the vehicle’s sheer magnificence makes its moniker kind of irrelevant. Kind of like how Daryl Hannah is so hot you don’t even think about the fact that her name is “Daryl.”

But if Ferrari went too boring with the name for its latest flagship, Maranello swung 180 degrees when tasked with titling the weapons-grade track-only variant: FXX K. The FXX component of the name is a carryover from the Enzo-derived car, and the “K” stands for the KERS—kinetic energy recovery system— employed  by the hybrid hypercar. Put them together and the million-dollar track toy’s name looks like the way a media outlet with delicate sensibilities would translate 30% of what Chris Rock says to print. And that’s beautiful.

Arch-rival Lamborghini’s world changing Countach was named after an Italian dialect’s “exclamation of astonishment,” which, legend has it, means “holy shit!” To be honest, if it means something else, I’d rather not know—it’s just too perfect. The photos released today show a laundry list of external modifications. Our friends over at Motor Authority summed up what they do nicely:

“The end result is an incredible 50 percent improvement in downforce in the low drag configuration and a 30 percent improvement in the more aggressive downforce configuration, resulting in a figure of 1,190 lbs of downforce at 124 mph.”

For a full breakdown of the technical improvements Ferrari made to its already ferocious flagship, read Viknesh Vijayenthiran’s full piece on Motor Authority. If you just want to listen to what the last gen FXX sounded like—hint: supersonic chainsaw tipped with titanium hornets—and check out the pictures, look no further.

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