Lamborghini Aventador Launches Hard AF, Melts Our Ears

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Looking for a little motivation to get through the work-day? Here’s a 6.5-liter Lamborghini V12 screaming at 8,500 rpm.

Every now and then we run into deeply interesting videos which inspire us mash on our keyboards and pour over our automotive knowledge for your reading pleasure. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite.

This video comes to us courtesy of DragTimes, and there isn’t a whole lot we can say about it besides, “watch it now!” Let’s keep it brief here, folks. The Aventador SV is the wildest (and biggest) raging bull Lamborghini made until they debuted the smaller and more agile Huracan Performante. That’s the one that smashed the Nurburgring lap record earlier this year.


In the engine bay lays a 6.5-liter V12 Italian opera with no less than 730 horsepower. All 730 of which you’ll perfectly hear come to life in this awesome video. A seven-speed automated manual transmission delivers power violently to all four wheels. With “thrust mode” possible it allows this Lamborghini to rocket into triple-digit speeds in no-time.

In case you’re curious, yes, there is another vehicle in the opposing lane and it happens to be a boring Tesla Model S P100D. The Lamborghini does manage to beat the Tesla, fortunately. The highlight of the video isn’t the “evil EV,” but the glorious V12 engine.


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