Bonkers 700 HP Porsche GT2 RS is OCD Weight Loss Study

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Porsche RS models are pure performance machines, stripped back to the basics of driving. The new GT2RS is just that, but on turbocharged steroids.

Porsche takes the GT program very seriously. All of the GT cars, the GT3, GT4, and Turbo, are developed by a specialized team. They are a completely separate division from the standard road going 911s. The design of these cars is pure motorsport and performance. So, the RS program must be like the mad scientist, completely insane. We say this with complete love for the geniuses they are and the amazing machines they create. The 700 horsepower GT2RS is the latest and greatest and it is incredibly light for a turbo 911.

porsche gt2rs door open

How light is it? Well, the standard 911 Turbo weighs 3527 lbs and the GT2RS with the Weissach package weighs only 3174 lbs. This may not seem like a lot, but the non-turbocharged GT3 weighs 3,152. So, to have 2 turbos and 200 more horsepower over the GT3, while only adding 22 pounds is pure insanity. The weight loss program on the GT2RS is something other manufactures should take note of and consider how they can do better. The GT2RS has a titanium roll cage, carbon fiber anti-roll bars, magnesium wheels, and rose-joined suspension components, just to name a few of the weight saving bits. When have you ever heard of a car using a titanium roll cage? Never, that is where.

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In this video by YouTube channel AutoCar, they give us a brief drive in the 700 horsepower monster from Stuttgart. The limited run of only 500 cars is already sold out and we can understand why. The impressive GT2RS is the ultimate 911 Turbo and the performance shows on the scoreboard. The score being a 6 min 47.3 second lap time at the Nurburgring. We can only hope to experience this amazing machine one day as they will be hard to find. Please let us know what you think of the GT2RS in the comments.

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