Road Tripping With A Ferrari GTC4Lusso

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The GTC4Lusso is thoroughbred GT car, so the only real way to get to know it is to take it on a road trip.

In this video from CarThrottle, Alex Kirsten finds out what it’s like to take a GTC4Lusso on a trip through the British winter. To find even more challenging weather, he finds himself traveling from London to Scotland. While Ferrari is more associated with fine climates and sophisticated people, we find out that the GTC4Lusso is just as at home in the cold, the wet, the snow, and in Kirsten’s hands.

GTC4Lusso grand touring.

The GTC4Lusso replaces the Ferrari FF. It’s a four-seater with four-wheel drive and a front-rear mounted engine. Perfect for packing up some gear and heading to the mountains for some winter sports action.

It may not quite be filed as the rich man’s Subaru Outback, but Kirsten shows us it’s capable of handling the bad weather and slippery conditions. And when it comes to winter sports, it’s perfectly capable for the most sophisticated of gentleman’s activities.

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To Kirsten, it’s the perfect car for a petrol head. In his eyes, it masters the cross-over of supercar into practical daily. It seats four people and is seriously comfortable. It’s also a shooting brake, which is basically a two-door wagon and gives it practicality. At it’s most exciting, the GTC4Lusso is seriously fast and the V12 sounds positively psychotic when the pedal meets the carpet. As a recipe, it’s hard to argue with Kirsten’s claim of the perfect petrol head car.

Kirsten’s aware of the cliche in how he describes the GTC4Lusso, but it’s worth remembering clichés tend to be clichés for a reason.

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