Someone is Already Calling Out Ferrari On the New 488 Pista

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After taking the wraps off of its new track-ready supercar, Ferrari is being called out for lying.

If you’ve been following along, a Ferrari employee accidentally released pictures of the 488 Pista on Instagram before Ferrari had announced it. They hadn’t even revealed the name before the pictures spread across the web like wildfire. As a result, Ferrari officially released the actual details and pictures a day earlier than planned. Then, a few days later, in this video from Vehicle Virgins, Parker Nirenstein is calling out Ferrari for telling lies.

Vehicle Virgins

Now, it’s a little early to call Ferrari out on lying about a car nobody outside of Ferrari has actually driven. But, the point Nirenstein tries to make is that Ferrari has given Americans the power numbers based on 98 octane fuel. He seems to think that’s a problem because 98 octane fuel isn’t something you find at the pump in America. However, we suspect that Ferrari neglected to denote that it is the RON measurement they used as they usually do. 98 Ron, as Nirenstein correctly points out, is measured as 93 octane in the U.S.

That doesn’t seem “tricksy” to us. Particularly as Ferrari is a European company that is consistently using European measurements. It just looks like someone made a small error when rushing out the press release copy. They simply didn’t denote any standard. We can see that with either the original press release or for any other country specific section of Ferrari’s website.


Nirenstein is obviously reaching so he can use a click-bait title for the video. That’s a little sad as the rest of the video is pretty interesting. He gives a good account of the V8 lineage leading up to the 488 Pista. He also does a good job laying out the current landscape of the supercar arms race. If you ignore the reaching for controversy, it’s worth checking out.

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