McGregor vs. Mayweather: Their Ultimate Car Collections

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Despite being two polar opposites on and off the ring, their taste in vehicular commodities is very much so the same.

The most awaited fight of the year (or ever) is in the books. Floyd Mayweather emerged victorious over Irishman Conor McGregor, who ventured into the ring with the undefeated champion for his very first boxing match. Crazy? Yes. Smart? You ‘betcha.

How? Well, remember that boxing is a sport largely funded by speculation, and speculation generates multi-million dollar purses, and purses buy many, many cool cars. While Mayweather is known for his unique taste in high-end whips, not much has been said about the UFC champion. Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

This video courtesy of King Max Productions brings us an in-depth look at McGregor’s lifestyle, but more specifically his collection of vehicles. While the footage itself seems to be a compilation of several video clips and photographs, it sheds good light into the fighter’s tastes and preferences.

About six minutes into the video, the footage suddenly turns to Mayweather. Several Bugatti Veyrons, Ferraris, luxury vans, and even a Koenigsegg and a Rolls-Royce limo can be seen parked in his garage and driveway. The rest of the clip gives us a peek an exclusive peek at his collection, and is narrated by the undefeated boxer’s own driver/porter.


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