NIO EP9 Electric Hypercar Sets All-Time Nurburgring Lap Record

By - NIO EP9 Electric EV car Nurburgring Lap Record

1,300-horsepower EV is quickest production car around Nordschleife.

The quickest production car around the Nurburgring is not a Lamborghini. It’s not a Porsche. It’s not a Ferrari, a GT-R, a Radical, or even a car with an internal combustion engine. As of May 16, 2017, that title belongs to the NIO EP9, a Chinese all-electric supercar. The EP9 made a circuit of the Nordschleife in 6:45.90. That bests the long-standing Radical SR8LM record from 2009. It also obliterates the Lamborghini Huracan Performante record that was set within the last few months.

This all comes seemingly from nowhere. Until the video was released, few had even heard of the EP9. However, this electron-powered rocket from parent company NextEV is blitzing the hypercar market today with news of the ‘Ring record, performance specs, and pricing. NIO plan to build only 16, the first six of which have been sold with a price tag of a cool $1.48 million. That price gets you a megawatt of electric power (more than 1,360 horsepower) and Nordschleife bragging rights.

A few diehard ‘Ring and EV fans may recall the EP9 setting the all-electric record in October with a 7:05 run. The test driver, who appears to be Scottish sports car ace Peter Dumbreck, chopped nearly 20 seconds off that previous best to capture the overall Nordschleife record. Dumbreck drives the EP9 on the knife edge and from the video, we see the EV clearly maintains potent acceleration and handling capabilities. The motors do make an audible whine, but the general lack of noise means eerie details like chirping tires can be heard during the run.

The EP9 also holds the distinction of the world’s quickest autonomous car around Circuit of the Americas with a 2:40.33-second lap. It also clocked the world’s quickest production car at COTA with a human-controlled 2:11.30-second circuit. NextEV NIO also compete in the all-electric Formula E championship. Nelson Piquet Jr. won the series’ inaugural drivers championship in the NextEV NIO car.

Here’s the record-setting lap from the NIO EP9:

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