Owning a Ferrari F430 Scuderia Can Be Embarrassing, Claims YouTuber

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Ferrari’s limited-edition supercars command a premium in the market. But are extreme performance editions worth the extra money?

Ferrari is known to make special editions of almost every model they produce. These limited production supercars offer exclusivity and set themselves apart from the standard models. Each time a new model or chassis comes out of Modena, it is only a matter of time before Ferrari one-ups themselves.

The first was the F360 Challenge Stradale, which was a bare bones, race car version of the standard F360. The 360 Challenge was a Ferrari spec racing series and the Stradale(Italian for street) was the brands road car. The F430 model came after the F360 and the Scuderia was the special limited edition model. Ferrari put the highest performance track focus technology of the period in this car, but is it all gelato and expresso creme with the Scuderia ownership?

Damon Fryer of YouTube channelĀ Daily Driven Exotics, owns a F430 Scuderia and he has a few issues with limited production Ferrari. The Scuderia was Ferrari’s answer to Porsche’s GT3 RS and Lamborghini’s Superleggera, which are lighter weight and add power. So, with the F430 Ferrari removed weight by adding carbon fiber. Damon notes that one place where Ferrari did was the engine bay. The Scuderia’s unique intake and the panels around the motor are all carbon fiber. As Damon points out, this carbon isĀ  to massive amounts of heat. The heat affects the clear resin in the carbon fiber and causes it to turn a milky white color. As you would expect, this is the last thing you want as an owner of such an expensive limited edition car.

6SpeedOnline.com Daily Driven Exotics Ferrari F430 Scuderia

So, in addition to the carbon, the Scuderia has an issue with cracking the exhaust manifolds. When this happens, the car makes a terrible tapping noise, which ruins the wonderful sound the of this F430’s V8. Find out the pain the Scuderia causes Damon by watching the video. So, let us know what you think in the comments.

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