Can Pagani’s Huayra BC Recapture The Verve Of The Zonda?

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The BC is almost a completely new car in comparison to the ‘regular’ Huayra, but is it worth it?

Jethro Bovington is a new face for Motor Trend. However, car enthusiasts across the Internet may recognize him from several other preeminent automotive outlets. One of Bovingdon’s first assignments for Motor Trend’s “Ignition” was to drive Pagani’s ultra-limited Huayra BC. This tough day in the office took place on roads near the factory, the legendary Futa Pass, and then a nearby racetrack called Autodromo di Franciacorta. It’s a rough assignment, but someone needs to do it, right?

Only twenty units of the 2.5 million dollar BC are to be built, and they’re all already sold out, so don’t bother trying. Letting Jethro drive this car won’t really matter to Pagani.  Their sales are doing just fine, thank you very much. But it’s fun to watch, all the same, so make sure you do.

The goal for the BC model was to bring back some of the bravado that was lost in the transition from screaming V12 Zonda to turbocharged V12 Huayra. Sure the Huayra is faster than the Zonda, and better in basically every measurable statistic, but it didn’t have the lunacy that some customers were looking for. The BC, then, was pumped up to 745 horsepower from the standard car’s 720. Additionally, the chassis was given a thorough revamp with their new ‘carbo-titanium’ process that allows a lighter and thinner weave to be just as strong. Because of this futuristic material, the BC weighs just under 2700 pounds. For the math nerds in the audience, each of those horses has to move just three-and-a-half pounds. Further, the car has been aerodynamically revised for more downforce.

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While this car doesn’t have the mind-blowing power numbers of a Chiron or the hybrid hypercar trio, it makes do with a little less because it weighs a lot less. Based on Jethro’s reaction to driving the BC, it’s a pretty amazing automobile. That engine? Well he does mention that it isn’t ‘musical’, but it fits the personality of the car, both of which are apparently ‘monstrous’. So, Zonda or Huayra? Well, you can’t go wrong with either, we suppose. Pagani Huayra BC Zonda Motor Trend Ignition

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