997 911 and 987 Cayman Get Down at SEMA 2017

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6SpeedOnline.com SEMA 2017 Porsche 997 911 987 Cayman

These SEMA builds celebrate the brand heritage while being totally unique.

This will be brief. The cars speak for themselves, even when sitting stationary in a convention center.

This is a 997 generation Porsche 911, though, it evokes thoughts of the classic 930 turbo. Why? Well, it’s the slant nose front end, of course. Yes, someone has converted their 997 with a slant nose inspired front clip, and it is gorgeous.

While the RVL Eva wheels are a miss for me, the overall execution is amazing. Louvered fenders, an aggressive whale tail rear wing, and the color scheme scream 1980’s goodness. Normally, air suspension isn’t my thing, but it’s hard to deny that “the low” does such an excellent job of tying the whole aesthetic together.

This 997-turned-930 found a stablemate in this insane 987 Cayman.

While the 997 is delicious retro awesome, this Cayman is squarely focused on the trends of today. A Liberty Walk-inspired widebody kit adorns the fenders and quarter panels of this Cayman. Though, you would be mistaken for failing to notice the swollen fenders, because look at the aero on this thing. The widened front fenders roll into dive planes, which roll into a massive carbon fiber splitter.

Of course, the front is almost tame compared to what is happening out back. There is a massive carbon fiber GT wing, with 3D-printed wing stands. That trunk mounted wing rolls into a very aggressive duckbill spoiler beneath it. And, because the air going under the car is just as important as the air flowing above it, this Cayman has a an enormous rear diffuser. That diffuser is modular, with three bolted-on strakes and two sill extensions on either end. Of course, with the rear overfenders cutting away, that exposed rear tire allows for more aero magic to be applied. There are a series of diveplanes following the wheels, leading into the diffuser.

Bless the crazy souls who built these cars.

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