Back in Black: Ferrari Enzo is a Rockstar on Sunset Strip

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Rare $2.4 mil Ferrari surfaces alongside other rockin’ rides in WeHo.

The always unpredictable and exciting city of Los Angeles is one of those rare places where you can head out for a cup of coffee and randomly stumble upon something you’d never see in a place like Des Moines. Take for example this rare Ferrari Enzo, one of which earlier this year went up for sale in Germany for $2.4 million.

We spotted this Italian beauty of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, where it was being tailed by a Liberty Walk widebody Ferrari 458 Italia, and later a Porsche 911 GT3. Just prior to seeing these head-turning cars, we witnessed a fleet of badass Ferraris in virtually every color — including three in lime-green! — speed down the world-famous boulevard. But even for us Angelenos, this awesome onslaught of Ferraris had even us scratching our heads as to what this incredible display was all about.

Ubiquitous rumors swirled among the various onlookers, and by the time we got to the nearby coffee joint, we learned that we had just walked into a random Ferrari race that was making every head turn as the prized vehicles zipped down Sunset enroute west toward Pacific Coast Highway.

Sure, spotting rare, exotic, and/or marvelously modded vehicles on the streets of SoCal isn’t too uncommon, and we’ve even stumbled upon rockstars like Steven Tyler and Dave Navarro in this same area, but nothing and no one has ever left as memorable of an impression as this awesome Enzo.

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