Buy a Bentley Bentayga, Just, Please, Don’t Paint it Red

By - Bentley Bentayga Rant

Sounding off on the latest luxobarge emblazoned with the Big B.

I have had a change of heart, you see. For a period of time, I had a red phase wherein all cars painted red looked good to me. Was this irrational? Completely. Sadly, my fascination with red cars was fleeting. After recently seeing a C7 Corvette in Lime Rock Green, I have a new kick. Human beings are such fickle creatures.

That brings me to the Bentayga. The Big B arrived in the thick of my own personal red mist. The Bentayga and its metallic red hues had me captivated. Sure, it was prohibitively expensive, even for the biggest of ballers and shot callers ($278,370 as delivered), and the brakes caught fire (twice), but man does one feel fancy riding in a Bentley. The interior accoutrements really are top notch, though, for a quarter-million, you would expect them to be.

No, my qualms with the Bentayga are skin-deep. While everyone enjoyed the Bentley, no one would call it attractive. The praise and adoration stopped as soon as guests were shown their way out of the Big B. Except for the paint, that is. People were on board with the Candy Red Metallic paint job, just not on the Bentayga. This is where my personal inclinations blinded me.

Indeed, calling it good looking would be a stretch. Perhaps striking is a better way to describe the Bentayga. Yes, its looks are striking, kind of like being struck in the back of the head with the blunt side of an axe. It’s not ugly, but it is a lot to take in, and that Candy Red Metallic forces you to take it all in at once.

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Why am I bringing this up today? Well, as Bentayga sales have begun to take off, I have begun to see more of them around L.A. In fact, an Old English White Metallic example was approximately 3-and-a-half inches off my rear bumper this morning. On a slow moving I-405, I was given ample time to appreciate the Bentayga in this hue. Of course, I could only see the grille, headlights and front bumper in my rear view mirror, but the point came across just as well. Bentley Bentayga Rant

I was walking through Downtown Los Angeles a month ago and came across a parked Bentayga adorned in a color called Peacock Metallic. I had it pegged as a Navy Blue, but “Peacock Metallic” does a better job of conveying the duality of the finish. At night, when I came across it, the Bentayga was deep blue color, however, Bentley’s configurator shows it as a dark blurple color. These slightly pared back colors accentuate what the big Bentley brings to the table. It’s slab-sided and heavy-handed in it’s proportion, it’s not a delicate, slender shape. Colors that smooth out the Bentayga work so well, and keep things classy.

Candy Red Metallic isn’t doing the shape any favors, and that’s not just my fading fascination with red cars speaking. If you’re ordering a Bentayga, they will paint it any color that you desire. Don’t just blindfold yourself and spin the color wheel, this is $278,370 we’re working with here, you have options.

If you think that off-white is reserved for wallpaper, and blue is boring, then consider this: Bentley will paint your Bentayga in British Racing Green 4 Metallic. I saw one in this color last week. It was gorgeous*. I had to put an asterisk there, sorry, I’m on my green kick right now.

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