2017 Porsche 911 Starting Price: $91,100, Because of Course It Would Be

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911 prices have exploded, however, let’s appreciate this financial joke.

The 911 has gotten too expensive! It’s a common sentiment that usually comes from Porsche owners who have been around for a while. Of course, it’s a premium object, it’s going to carry a premium price tag. However, one doesn’t have to look terribly far back in Porsche’s history to recall a less expensive cost of entry.

Porsche seems to have acknowledged this price creep, in a rather cheeky way. If you visit Porsche USA’s website and check out the 911 range, you’ll notice a fun Easter egg. The base Carrera is priced at $91,100. Very cute, Porsche.

So, what does your 911(00) money get you? Actually, quite a throwback, if you dig into it. For $91,100, you get a rear-wheel drive 911 Carrera with a manual transmission. Sounds like something of a purists’ special. It is propelled by a 370 horsepower variant of the brand’s all-new 3.0L flat-six turbocharged engine. Porsche claims, in it’s typically conservative manner, that this combination is good for a 0-60 blast in 4.4 seconds. Top speed is listed at a dizzying 183 MPH.

Let the record show that the base 911 of today could hang with the top of the line 996 GT3 or Turbo. Oh, and did we mention that the new Carrera gets 29 MPG on the freeway? Drivers won’t be left wanting for more, even with the “base” model. That’s the progress of progress, I suppose.

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