Custom Porsche Drops it Like It’s Hot at SEMA

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SEMA 2018 Custom Porsche

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It’s hard to improve upon a Porsche. They come off the line pretty perfect. But once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the automotive industry gathers for the premier trade show: SEMA. SEMA gives members from all aspects of the automotive world a chance to really get daring, inventive, and yes, sometimes a little crazy.

We came across this Porsche at the Nexen Tire showcase. The Porsche custom build was the work of Nexen, Drag Tech Racing, Motorwerks, and other aftermarket companies.

From the front to the back, this Porsche has been slammed, features custom lighting, bodywork, and one very cool rear spoiler.

SEMA 2018 Custom Porsche

The custom bodywork adds some curve appeal, and the more rounded body makes for a sexy stance. We know that there is some division among Porsche purists about slamming. However, for SEMA, we think it looks very badass and ready to race.

SEMA 2018 Custom Porsche

The attitude of the red-hot Porsche is undeniable. From the wicked custom headlights to the daring details, this Porsche would be a welcome addition to any on-screen villain’s signature ride.

We will keep bringing you more top-notch Porsches and luxury sports and super cars from SEMA, so stay tuned!

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