Drive Down the Abandoned Nürburgring, in Germany’s Countryside

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No fee required. The abandoned Nürburgring is all yours, if you manage to find it.

Everyone has heard of the Nürburgring, but have you heard of the abandoned Nürburgring? The guys at GNARPM couldn’t tackle the Nürburgring because it was closed, so instead they went and found an old abandoned section of this famous track.

A little online searching turned up a section of track called the South Loop, which has been closed for quite a long while. There are some sections of the track that are only walkable, but there are a few spots where you can still drive. So, of course, the guys find themselves on a mission to explore and, if possible, drive the abandoned Nürburgring.

Abandoned Nurburgring

The abandoned track includes sections named “Shit Corner,” “Bankrupt,” and “Ass Slag,” well, at least according to our hosts. How could you not search out this thing once you discovered it existed? Off they go with a 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S, 2004 Mazda MX5, and a solid sense of adventure.

These are two incredibly fun though very different cars. Either one is exactly the kind of thing you’d want to take for a day at that track. The challenge turns out to be finding the track. They eventually find a bit of dirt track at Shit Corner where they kick up copious amounts of grass and do some happy little donuts.

Nurburgring Abandoned

It’s not exactly the high-speed track that is the current Nürburgring. There are sections of packed dirt, grassy fields, and a few impassable ditches, but it’s definitely the right spot. There are even pieces of the old track still visible with guardrails and gates still intact. Take a little spin with the guys from GNARPM and see what they uncover on their trip around the abandoned Nürburgring.

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