Two Lamborghini Venenos Meet Raging Bull Italian Polizia

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The two most outrageous machines ever created by Lamborghini converge in rainy Long Island for a very special and expensive play session.

Some may call the Veneno the ugliest Lamborghini ever made, and some may revere it as the hottest Lamborghini ever made. In reality, we just think it’s the most bonkers Lamborghini ever made. Oh, and one of the most expensive, too.

Designed for the most elitist of Lamborghini owners, only five “poisons” were ever produced for customers, plus one for the factory itself. The 6.5-liter V12 found in the radical carbon fiber raging bull produces 740 horsepower. And, at only 3,278 pounds it’s also a very agile and incredible performer. Duh. Lamborghini Veneno Huracan

This video by TheStradman brings us not one, but two Lamborghini Venenos found at Lamborghini of Rhode Island. And, they are, in our eyes, indeed stunning. The video kicks off as the host makes his way to dealership, only to be surprised when management opens the door for him to go inside. It is there he gets up close to $4.5 million dollars worth of Italian goodness.

Aside from the Venenos, there’s also a Huracan wrapped in an Italian Polizia (Police) livery, stuck right in between its two big brothers. In case you’re not aware, the region of Sant’Agata actually possesses a Huracan Polizia car identical to this one.

The Stradman gets a good look of each ride before moving on to a different event with some more serious machinery. While the Veneno is an “old” Lamborghini (built in 2016), it’s still one of our favorites. It’s downright shocking to see this level of Lambo goodness together in one place.

Enjoy the video, and let us know what your take is on the Veneno.

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