Learn to Drift With BMW M’s Step By Step Instructions

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BMW’s M division is filled with performance car nuts. So, why not let them teach you to drift your car properly, so you can impress your next tinder match.

The M division is were BMWs get an injection of motorsports. The team takes the regular ultimate driving machines and turns them into powerful, tire smoking, hooning machines. The engineers don’t just add power to a 3-series and call it done. They improve the entire car to tackle a racetrack as well as your morning commute. For the moment, at least, all of the BMW M cars are rear-wheel drive. So, they will tend to go sideways under power, and now BMW will teach you to control them.


BMW has Performance Driving Schools around the world to teach people about driving their cars in various situations. They specialize in training people to understand how a car will react in harsh situations like heavy rain or snow. The safe environments expose drivers to these hazards so they will know how to handle them in the real world. Of course, being a performance driving center there is a fair bit of race track driving as well. Pushing a M3 to its limits on the road is a very dangerous and unsafe thing to do. So, BMW has given us a safe place to find the limits and refine our skills, without taking out a bus full of nuns.

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One of the car control segments is drifting. Great! So, what if getting to a BMW performance center is too costly or difficult, but you want to learn to drift. Well, BMW M has just released a step by step video to get you driving sideways. This is not the first skill you should learn to do. If you can control a slide at speed, you will be a better driver for it. Check out the video and remember kids, trying to drift on the street is dangerous and stupid. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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