1,000-plus HP Porsche Cayenne is the Wildest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

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Who doesn’t need a giant Porsche truck that accelerates to 120 mph in about 15 seconds?

We’re suckers for a good build thread, so when forum user TT Viper first started this thread in 2014, detailing their build of a 2008 Cayenne Turbo into a widebody wierdo car with four-digit horsepower graphs, we were optimistic that it would be ready for take off in short order. Unfortunately, things lulled for a while as suppliers and engine management were figured out. To the patient, however, come good things. Just a few short years later and this Cayenne is now on the road, ready to take your breath away with its very quick acceleration times. We’re blown away with the results.

Porsche’s Cayenne is already a prodigiously fast car for the weight it has to lug around. When you start throwing a built bottom end, larger injectors, huge turbos, and custom tuning at that 4.8-liter V8, however, you can really crank things up past 11 to pure insanity. TT Viper was initially going for around 700 horsepower when the project started, but things spiraled out of control from there. Big brakes, a widebody, huge turbos, everything about this project is measured in orders of magnitude.

Any thread that goes on for years and ends up encompassing 26 pages of information can be described as “epic” and this one doesn’t disappoint. With custom fabricated exhaust, intricate description of engine tuning, and more than a few fits and starts, this thread has been around a long time, but we appreciate each and every update, comment, and thread-jack. It’s stuff like this that reminds us why we love checking out the 6speedonline forum. What are your thoughts? Just check out those acceleration videos, they’re worth reading through the first 25 pages for!

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