Need Less Money? Add A $415,000 Carbon Fiber Option to Your McLaren Senna

By - McLaren Senna Carbon Theme

Make your bespoke supercar even more bespoke with carbon fiber panels and spokes.

With deposits handed in and all McLaren Senna’s paid for, it’s time to start making them. McLaren Special Operations will start making yours soon, but they need to know how you want it built. Obviously an endless list of interior and exterior options will be available, but as the headline says, one really stands out.

In exchange for about $415,000 USD, McLaren will leave your Senna partially unpainted in what they call the Senna Carbon Theme. Obviously, the Senna Carbon Theme carries hints of Ayrton’s yellow and green helmet livery in certain highlights on the car. The additional price also comes with an additional wait time. In all the carbon fiber and highlight colors take an astonishing 1,250 hours total to produce. But if you’re dropping that kind of cash on McLaren’s newest road racer, that kind of quality work is a given. McLaren Senna Carbon Theme

Geneva’s Motor Show should also see the additional option of carbon fiber wheels. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but if the Senna Carbon Theme is any clue, McLaren will be more than happy to take your money. Geneva will also see a “surprise announcement” from McLaren as well.

McLaren has, till now, reluctantly avoided using their past ties to Ayrton Senna. Despite that, the Senna isn’t just resting on the laurels of its namesake. According to Top Gear, the final production Senna raised over £2M for Ayrton’s charity. Additionally, it’s fair to say the least controversial think about the Senna is the name, but rather, the looks. That didn’t deter anyone from buying up the whole inventory.

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