Porsche 911 GT2 RS: 700 Horsepower, 211 MPH Top Speed

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6SpeedOnline.com Porsche GT2 RS 2 700 Horsepower confirmed

GT2 RS: Get ready for a 700 horsepower, rear-wheel drive Porsche 911.

The GT2 RS rumor mill is alive and vibrant, especially as the car comes ever closer to being sales ready. At first, we heard horsepower figures around 640. However, after last week’s official debut at the E3 gaming convention, the rumor mill continued to swell. Now, German publication, AutoBild is claiming a massive 700 horsepower figure for the upcoming monster Porsche.

AutoBild also unfurls come great details to digest. Curb weight is under 1500 kilos (3300lbs). Much like the 918 Spyder, there will be a super hardcore Weissach performance pack with carbon fiber suspension components, magnesium wheels and a roll cage, among other add-ons. Speaking of add-ons, there are also take-offs, the air-conditioning can be removed for further weight reduction.

Interestingly, AutoBild seems to be first publication to get a shot at driving the GT2 RS. They mention the punishing acceleration, and incredible braking ability. They also note surprise at how relatively tame the 700 horsepower, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive mega Porsche is. Of course, relative is the key phrase, because they can’t help but acknowledge that it is the king of the 911 hierarchy.

There are a lot of other things left to interpret, some of which gets lost in translation. However, it is mentioned that the first 1000 examples have already been pre-sold. The Porsche market bubble is alive and well, it seems.

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