Aston Martin GT12 Greatest Thing Ever?

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Aston’s hardcore Vantage GT12 may look like a classy car someone stuck some things on, but it’s a genuinely special car.

In this video from Shmee’s YouTube channel, he’s in New Zealand and exploring some very cool cars. Now, Shmee tends to be either everyone’s favorite or least favorite wealthy YouTuber. There doesn’t seem to be many opinions in between but, love him or hate him, when it comes to finding interesting exotics he does have a great radar.

Aston Martin GT12

Originally the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 was to be called the GT3. However, Porsche wasn’t a fan of another company using that identifier and complained. Aston changed the name, but GT3 was definitely a statement of intent. Something that could compete with Porsche’s GT3 RS.

Unfortunately, if you’re serious about trimming 100th’s of a second from lap times, then you’re going to unsheathe a GT3 RS from its scabbard. When it comes to track weapons, the GT3 is a well-balanced saber where the GT12 is more of a broadsword to wield. Worn out analogies aside, that doesn’t relegate the GT12 to a mere curiosity. Just hearing the V12 rumble then bark is a clue to the visceral experience that awaits. This may not sing like Ferrari, but it growls and barks with the intent of a junkyard guard dog.

It may not be as lithe as the GT3, but nobody has gotten out of one and said, “Meh.” Mostly, they’ve got out with a big grin and talked about the driving experience as a whole, and not stopped grinning for quite a while. The GT12 is a potent mix of relentless V12 muscle and a rewarding chassis to harness it with.  A very special car before you even consider its rarity. If anything, it’s a shame it’s so rare and a flat out collectors car.

Comparisons to Ferrari and Porsche are probably unfair despite Porsche’s GT3 obviously being a benchmark. The GT12 carves out its own place in the pantheon of race inspired special editions. If you get a chance to see one or get in one, we recommend grabbing it.

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