Baby Porsche 918 Rendered. It Looks Spectacular!

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About a month ago, I told you that Porsche was planning on slotting another supercar in the middle between the 918 Hybrid and the ever present 911. The car is set to use a flat 8 engine and boast around 600-700 horsepower to go directly up against the Ferrari 458 and the McLaren 650S.


What hasn’t been known though is what it will look like, and technically it still isn’t. But a wonderful young designer penned a couple ideas of what they think it probably will look like based on the current design language of Porsche, and it looks awesome.


Dubbed the 913, the car boasts a very similar profile to the 918, its bigger brother, and looks absolutely spectacular. The rear of the car is very reminiscent of the Carrera GT and my only gripe about his interpretation is that he has the exhausts running out the back, instead of coming out of the top of the car like the 918.


The top exiting exhausts are probably one of my favorite features of the 918, it just adds a bit of ridiculousness in a very serious car. Take a gander and sound off in the comments, do you think Porsche should pick this designer right up and make it, or should they do a completely different design?

My opinion, this looks killer and Porsche should definitely consider this.

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