Is the Bugatti Chiron Sexier When Covered With a Bed Sheet? Yes.

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Watch the very first customer-owned Bugatti Chiron arrive in La Jolla, California in spectacular fashion.

Feeling attracted toward the Bugatti Chiron is optional. Being impressed at the monumental piece of engineering that it represents is not. While some automotive experts disguised as YouTube commenters might point out that the Chiron utilizes the same key fob as a $20k VW Tiguan, that is completely irrelevant. The point is, the Chiron is a mind-blowing machine.

This footage comes to us courtesy of the one and only TheStradmanwho claims his good buddy is taking delivery of the very first customer-owned Chiron in North America. While we’re not quite sure if such claim is accurate, the video does show a key with a 1 of 500 plaque on it — so while it may be the first chassis built, it may not be the first one to be delivered. Bugatti Chiron

Just like the hypercar’s looks, that merely doesn’t matter. Whoever focuses on such stupid details is missing the entire point of ordering a machine of this caliber. Once the transporter truck arrives, the delivery driver fires up the W16 engine and carefully unloads the car.

Once on the ground, the Chiron is seen covered with a plastic wrapper, which kind of resembles a grandma’s knitted bed sheet. Eventually, the wrapper is removed, and it exposes a stunning yellow and black paint job with bits of exposed carbon fiber body panels. While not our cup of tea (especially the wheels), it’d be unfair to call the car ugly. In all fairness, every Bugatti is simply beyond exquisite.

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