Buying a Pre-Owned Lamborghini is All About Pedigree

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When you buy a secondhand car, you’re taking a gamble. And buying a Lamborghini without knowing its history, could end up costing you big money.

Buying a supercar is a big deal. No, we are not talking about the money or even the sense of occasion. We are talking about the pedigree of the car. Supercars are rare, and therefore parts are rare and expensive. This is something to seriously consider when buying a pre-owned Lamborghini or Ferrari.

There are many different types of car owners in this world. Not all of them are car people like us, people who take care of maintenance and clean our cars on a regular basis. Supercars are a dream for us because of the driving experience. To some owners, their Lamborghini is a status symbol or a trophy or perhaps it’s just a car that gets neglected a bit and has some deferred maintenance.


These are things to keep in mind when you are looking into a supercar with prior owners. Of course there is the usual checking for accidents or having all maintenance records. These are the the details that could end us costing you big time. If you don’t look into the history of your “new” Lamborghini it could end up costing you thousands of dollars. An undocumented accident could cause permanent damage to the value of the car. We always recommend you have a car given a though look over by a dealer or well known independent mechanic. As G.I. Joe always said, “knowing is half the battle.”


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In this video, Supercars of London is shopping for his perfect Lamborghini Murcielago. His goes down to a local supercar dealer to see their inventory and talk to the owner about buying the right car. The owner highlights the way you should look into any car you are buying. A mistake in the supercar world could land you in a world of financial pain. Don’t rush into your next purchase unless you know the history of the car.

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