Driving a Supercar in a Flyover State? What’s it Like?

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McLaren 570S Coupe Launch 2015 Portimao

When you live in a city like New York or Los Angeles, seeing a supercar is a pretty common occurrence. But when you head to a flyover state like Ohio, they are much rarer. Once you get out of a city like Columbus it becomes desolate and full of pickup trucks. So what’s it like to take an exotic out of civilization?

Our pals at Jalopnik aimed to find out. In addition to taking the McLaren 570S to Eldora Speedway to drive on the dirt, they drove it around cornfield country. While you’d expect to be noticed in a McLaren wherever you go, there are many people in this part of the country who really wouldn’t even know what a McLaren is, let alone how much it costs.

Living in Northwest Ohio, I completely understand the reaction Jalopnik got while driving the McLaren. I was recently fortunate enough to spend the weekend in an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, and despite its relatively-affordable $73,000 asking price, you would’ve thought it as a million dollar Ferrari with all the attention it received.

It also made a lot of peoples’ days, so if you can afford a bright-colored supercar, buy one and drive it. You’re helping make the world a better place.

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