Ferrari is All Sold Out of Cars Into 2019 – Yes, Really

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Want to order a new Ferrari? Unless it’s a GTC4 Lusso, you’re out of luck for a while.

Most automotive manufacturers struggle with inventory. In some cases, dealers sit on certain models for upwards of three or four months at a time. But that apparently isn’t the case over at Ferrari. According to Bloomberg, Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne revealed that despite churning out inventory at full capacity, Ferrari is all sold out of most of its models through 2018. And even into part of next year!

The only thing available at the moment appears to be the the GTC4 Lusso, the four-seat grand tourer that sounds an awful lot like a Porsche. Otherwise, “everything else is pretty well gone,” according to Marchionne. The news comes on the heels of record share prices for the Ferrari. After reaching a little over $130 a share, the automaker’s market value jumped all the way up to $24.7 billion. Quarterly earnings increased 13% to $326 billion, which handily destroyed analyst expectations.


Meanwhile, both Marchionne and Ferrari are looking forward. Both a gas-electric hybrid and sport utility are in the works. And the company is looking to lift its self-imposed 10,000 annual car limit, a move that previously allowed it to be exempt from more stringent fuel economy standards. As demand continues to reach new heights, it would be silly not to, after all.


So if you had any sort of inkling that either Ferrari or the modern day supercar was doomed, think again. Even in parts of the world where fuel prices remain sky high, consumers just can’t get enough speed and style. Automakers might be forced to offer non-traditional things like SUVs and hybrids/EVs. But the supercar isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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