Floodgates Released: C7 Corvette Gets Tested

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2014 Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray Z51 2

July 25 is the day Corvette fans have been anticipating like expectant mothers and fathers. The media have finally gotten their hands on the new Corvette, and are ready to tell you all about how it drives, how it performs, and how splendid it is. The C7 Corvette marks a significant leap forward for Chevrolet’s flagship. This new Corvette Stingray offers so much to appreciate. For Americans, this is kind of like a moon-landing moment.

The Corvette is a special car, and this is a special post. We have eight videos for you via Motor TrendCar and DriverEdmunds and Road & Track because if you’re like us, today is a national holiday for you.

Light a candle on your automotive altar, lock yourself in a quiet room, and bathe your eyeballs with the eight videos posted below.

Happy “Corvette Testing Day”.

Video #1: The Motor Trend Test

Video #2: The Car and Driver Test

Video #3: The Edmunds Track Test


Video #4: Edmunds.com Full Review


Video #5: Burnout Break

In the next video, Car and Driver does a nice burnout in the C7 Corvette.

Video #6: Car and Driver takes a deep dive into the 2014 Corvette’s interior.

Video #7: Car and Driver gets technical all up in the C7’s business.

If we were a C7 Corvette, we’d feel violated.

Video #8: Grand Finale

And for Corvette Testing Day’s grand finale, Road & Track gets NASCAR legend Tony Stewart to perform a sacred tire sacrifice ceremony in the new Corvette.


images via [Motor Trend]

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