Ford GT: Sales Success, or Adventurous Failure?

By - 2017 Ford GT sales figures failure success

Ford GT owners were hand-picked by the Blue Oval via a rigorous buyer application process. Could the strict, Ferrari-like, move have backfired?

When the new Ford GT debuted at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, it took the world by surprise. Just about everyone fell in love with the new American badass. However, like the 2017 F-150 Raptor, Ford teased future owners and gearheads way too hard for way too long.

Not long after the unveiling, Ford announced their rigorous buying process to buy the $500,000 supercar. In a move much like their Italian arch rivals, FoMoCo decided to hand-pick GT owners based on a set criteria. In other words, you had to “qualify” to be worthy of a new Ford GT, a first for the American automaker. 2017 Ford GT sales figures failure success

Fast forward to June 2017, and a sales sheet released discreetly shows that only 21 all-new Ford GTs have been sold thus far. More shockingly, over 40 percent of the 21 vehicles had been sold in June of this year. We can’t help but wonder, what’s Ford been up to since the last quarter of 2016? 2017 Ford GT sales figures failure success

With buyers being asked for at least half of the vehicle’s cost up front, and having to meet certain guidelines regarding social media exposure, and re-selling for a profit, maybe prospective buyers have been pushed too far. After all, 21 vehicles seems like a ridiculously-low amount of cars sold. Even for a high-end, ultra-exclusive model like the GT, this may signal trouble.

We’re curious to follow up on sales charts in upcoming months, and find out if the Ford GT is a sales success, or simply an adventurous failure.

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