World’s Worst 997 GT3 RS For Sale in California

By - Porsche 997 GT3 RS For Sale

What happened to this poor GT3 RS for it to wind up like this?

A lot of cars are forced into abusive relationships, but they’re usually the workhorse kinds of cars that ferry folks back and forth to work every single day. The coffee spills and fast food bags, the countless miles of traffic, the rain-soaked shoes; they survive it all and keep going. But a 911 GT3 RS should be held up as something sacred, something more than a regular car. How did this one get to be so thrashed, and the sellers not even care?

There are a few key things you should do when you’re trying to sell a car for six figures. The least of those key things is to take your Starbucks cups out of the cup holder, and throw away any trash in the footwells. Next, you could try vacuuming the carpets. Finally, taking pictures somewhere that isn’t the parking lot of the DMV would be a logical step. Is it really that difficult to clean the car up a bit and take it to a pretty spot for some nice photos? That’s a lot of money.

Granted, a perfect GT3 RS is generally a 200,000 dollar expenditure in today’s market, sometimes more. So, what you’re getting here is a massive discount on a dirty car. It’s got to be more than that, right? Well, obviously it’s missing it’s carbon fiber rear wing, which is strange on its own. Then you see this line in the ad: “Condition: Clear Title, Engine Noise, Sell AS-IS“. Okay, so did someone miss a shift on track and blow the damned thing up? Surely an engine rebuild can’t be seventy grand, right? You might make out ahead here, especially if you can do the work yourself.


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