Full Throttle in a 993 Porsche 911

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Matt Farah buries his right foot in the floorboard of a Porsche modern classic.

The Porsche 911 is sometimes criticized for not changing things up. “It’s the same shape every time. Ugh. Do something different!” However, change isn’t always a good thing.

Take the 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 in the above The Smoking Tire video as an example. Sure, its fundamental shape hasn’t changed drastically since the Clinton administration, but you know what else hasn’t changed? How solid it feels – after 121,000 miles. Farah would’ve believed the car’s owner, Kurt, if he would’ve told him the air-cooled coupe had 40,000 miles on it.

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Of course, in the 20 years this 911’s been in existence, some things have been altered. Kurt upgraded the flat 6’s exhaust, swapped out the wheels for newer models, and added a ducktail out back. None of those have a negative effect on Farah’s enjoyment of the car. In between full-throttle bursts, he praises it for its balance of power, weight, and agility, although he does mention how dated the shifter’s long throws make it feel.

Kurt himself is fond of his 911’s rawness and sense of connection. He’ll be connected to it as often as possible because he intends to do as much DIY work on it as he can. He’ll have help, though – in the form of his son. Kurt hopes that by doing that his child will develop a love of cars. If all goes according to plan, something else about Kurt’s 993 won’t change: owners. He’s hopeful it becomes his “forever car.”

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