Have a Spare $2.6 Million? Here’s the Bugatti Chiron

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Bugatti Chiron

Many critics, most of them completely idiotic, have poked fun of the mighty Bugatti Veyron. They say it’s too big, sluggish, heavy, and in some cases—ugly. But they’re all wrong.

See, when the Veyron first came out 17 years ago, it was a modern marvel, an outstanding and mind-boggling creation. One that we’ve come to “get used” to throughout the years, but mistakenly so—as one should never get used to a 16 cylinder, 1,200 horsepower, multi-million dollar work of art.

Now there’s a successor, a machine named the Chiron, and it promises to have more power, go faster, look better, and of course—be even more outrageously expensive. According to Bugatti’s press conference at the Geneva Motor Show, the Chiron will pump out at least 1,500 horsepower, start at a cool 2.6 million dollars, and most importantly—break another speed record.

Bugatti Chiron

The aging Veyron in its many special editions broke the the 253 mph record many times, and was even awarded Guinness World Record for the fastest street-legal production vehicle.

What will the next 17 years hold for Bugatti and its exotic looking Chiron? It’s to early to tell, but one thing is for sure—this is just the beginning of the new generation of awe-inspiring cars.

Buckle up!

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