Indiana Car Enthusiasts Create Local Makeshift Nürburgring

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Indiana Car Enthusiasts Create Makeshift Nürburgring

Indiana’s Schweinefiletring is a 175-mile long route has a shape that should be familiar to anyone who loves driving.

Ever dreamed of driving on the world-famous Nürburgring? That’s a silly question; of course you have. Well, thanks to some enterprising, Indiana-based car enthusiasts, now you can, at least, sort of. Anyone who has ever loved driving has created a “test loop” of their favorite local roads. It takes real dedication to string together almost 200 miles of local roads. Doing so in such a way that it resembles the most famous race track in the world? That’s downright heroic.

Our friends over at The Drive got the straight skinny (or, in this case, the winding, twisting skinny) on the story. A group from Indiana has spent the better part of a year finding the best roads in southern Indiana. Those roads were linked together in a familiar-looking route that the group humorously calls the Schweinefiletring.

Nurburgring Map Indiana Schweinefiletring Local Nurburgring


The name comes from schweinefilet, a local delicacy made from a giant fried pork tenderloin. Speaking of giant things, this route, while resembling the notoriously-long, 16.12 mile long race track, is actually much longer.


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The Schweinefiletring is made up of roughly 175 miles of twisting, turning, undulating roads. To route is mapped out pretty well, and you’re free to drive it any time. After all, it’s made up of all public roads.

However, we’d recommend doing it this weekend, June 22nd and 23rd. That’s because the Schweinefiletring will be central to a charity event called Tire Squeal (get it?) that aims to raise money for the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

If you’re in the area, it should offer a great time, and good food. The aforementioned schweinefilet will be abundant, as will great driving roads. Fill your tank, fill your belly, and fill your soul by kicking the summer driving season off the right way. Best of all, it’s all for a great cause. If you’re not able to make it, at least you can plan to make the drive to Indiana and drive the ‘ring without having to whip out your passport. Even better, you can do it in your own car.

Photos: Getty Images, The Drive

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