Lamborghini Aventador Converted to an Xbox One Controller

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Check out this Lamborghini Aventador that has been hacked to function as an Xbox One controller.

The Lamborghini Aventador is an incredible machine that most of us will only ever drive in videos games, like Forza Motorsport 7. One Aventador owner wanted to be able to enjoy his Lambo while playing Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One. To do so, he hacked the electronics of the supercar to work in conjunction with his gaming console. This allows him to play Forza 7 with his car instead of a controller.

How does it work?

While the video doesn’t offer any details, we know that the Lamborghini Aventador is equipped with electronic throttle and brake pedals, an electronic power steering system and an electronic shift paddle system. With all of those electronic features, converting a Lamborghini into an elaborate Xbox One controller is simply a matter of accessing those electronic messages being sent to the vehicle computer systems. Once accessed, it is just a matter of pairing those messages with an Xbox system and when finished, the car functions just like a steering wheel and pedal setup.

That is what this Aventador owner has done, so with the help of a projector, a screen on the wall, an Xbox One console and a whole lot of wires, this Lamborghini owner can drive his car with his car.

Aventador being used as an Xbox controller

The video begins with the Lamborghini Aventador owner racing his way to the mall, where he buys the Ultimate Edition of Forza Motorsport 7. After a high speed drive home, we get to watch as he sets up the wiring to make the car function as an Xbox controller. Once everything is plugged in and hooked up, he kills the lights, fires up the Xbox and climbs into his supercar for some gaming fun.

Head into the forums to share your thoughts on converting an Aventador into an Xbox One controller.

Of course, the Lambo owner selects the Aventador in the same color as his real car and he goes racing, battling with a Ford GT before running off track and crashing. The image above isn’t a screen shot from the game – those are the owner’s hands moving around inside of the car while he selects the Aventador from the in-game menu.

Just think, if your vehicle has electronic pedals and an electronic power steering system, you could do this with your car or truck – even if it isn’t a Lamborghini. In the meanwhile, kick back and enjoy this video of a $400,000 Xbox One controller conversion in action.

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