Bitcoin Lambo: One Way to Buy a Huracan

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One man’s investment pays off big time.

Way back in 2011, when the Lamborghini Gallardo was well on its way to being the marque’s best-selling model ever, a man named Peter Saddington invested in this thing called Bitcoin. Back then it was still relatively new, and people were just beginning to learn what cryptocurrency was. Well, six years later just $115 of the initial investment he made was enough to get him a Lamborghini. Not a couple year old Lambo either, but a Huracan, the successor to the wildly popular Gallardo.

The video is primarily about Peter and how he ended up buying a Huracan with Bitcoin. From how he decided to invest in a cryptocurrency, to the Audi R8 he bought instead of a Lambo, and to how his wife finally decided to let him get one. When he invested he purchased Bitcoins for $2.52 a piece back in 2011, and today that number is well into $5,000 each and climbing.

Lamborghini Huracan

Thankfully, the owner of the Huracan isn’t some kid who doesn’t appreciate what fell into his lap. Peter acknowledges his luck that Bitcoin performed as well as it did, and he appears to actually be a car guy. What a relief. The Audi R8 he owned before the Lambo was extensively modified yet managed to remain somewhat tasteful too.

Audi R8

Is he the first guy to ever buy an exotic car with Bitcoin? No way. A quick Google search turned up a handful of publicized Tesla and older Lambo purchases. The owner claims to be the first person to buy a Huracan with Bitcoin, and he may be right. While most people would be looking at a fancy scale model for $115 worth of Lamborghini, we’re just impressed that someone took $115 of an investment from six years ago and bought something as impressive as the Huracan.

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