Least Expensive Running TT Lamborghini First Drive

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Basket case cars are always fun. So why not add two turbos to the cheapest Lamborghini you can find?

Some ideas have dollar signs all over them. One idea which exemplifies this is simple: find and buy the cheapest Lamborghini Gallardo in the country. And then compound matters further by adding a boosted power upgrade. What can go wrong?

YouTuber Tavarish is more popularly known for his masochistic purchases of incredibly cheap Mercedes models, but has expanded his lineup to now include a Gallardo. He found the cheapest 6-speed for sale, and has set about making it one incredibly cheap and fun ride. This time, he’s taking it out for a first drive after putting a twin-turbo kit on it.

With an impending thunderstorm, the maiden voyage was far more exciting than anyone could have planned. Tavarish prefers to be candid, saying “now, I haven’t actually driven this yet. The only thing I’ve done is take it out of my garage and put it in my driveway.” That driveway was getting wet, thanks to an approaching thunderstorm, and with a top inoperable, it was imperative to get the test under way. “What I do need to take with is this fire extinguisher. Because it’s a Lamborghini and I built it in my garage, so you never know.”

Cheap Lamborghini Twin Turbo

As it stands a Gallardo is already a fast car, but Tavarish soon found out that some of the modifications came with consequences. The turbo kit plus some other things made the engine run a little strange at idle, and the clutch that came with the car was difficult to modulate. Still, under boost (even with a less than ideal engine tune) the car provided acceleration which provoked uncontrollable laughter.

Completing the build will be next on the priority list. Bodywork and a proper tune for the engine will be imperative, but for now, Tavarish is enjoying the cheapest running Lamborghini in the country. And we like that kind of terrible idea.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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