Modified 570 HP Ferrari 308 Turbo on Track (Video)

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What do you get when you remove a V8 from a 308 and add in parts from seven other dead 308s? Something special.

Matt Farah gets to drive the coolest cars. One of the most interesting ones we stumbled across recently was his one take of a 1978 Ferrari 308 that’s done a little differently from the rest. This 308 is owned by Aaron Bunch of ATS Racing. The clean late-’70s Ferrari is putting a healthy 572 hp to the rear wheels by way of a turbocharger and some creative engine work.

ATS went through the entire car and Bunch decided that, after seeing a few turbocharged 308’s, that it was time to do one of his own. He turns to Bob Norwood, a well-known Ferrari tuner, for the engine. So, Bunch tells Norwood, “Hey Bob, I think it’s time.” Norwood responds with, “How much power do you want?” Bunch tells him, “I’ll be happy with 300 [hp].” Norwood responds, “That’s b.s. and you know it.” Norwood provided ATS with an engine built initially for a Bonneville car. You know, top speed runs on the salt flats.

The engine is a 308 Quattrovalve block with 348 heads, a 328 oiling system, custom cams (because of a difference in firing order!), and a water-to-air intercooler, among other modifications. And yes, this baby is drinking E85 too. See? All the cool kids are doing it. Bunch breaks down the build in the first few minutes, so those interested should listen closely.

1978 Ferrari 308 ATS Racing

There’s a massive turbo on the right-hand side there. Stock, the Ferrari V8 made 240 hp at the crank, and now puts 572 hp to the wheels. That’s something like 700 hp at the crank! Apparently, the limiting factor is the clutch. Farah gets the 308 warmed up and really starts laying into it after a lap or two. In what is probably the understatement of the week he says, “it pulls crazy hard in fourth gear!” 2,500 pounds and more than 500 hp to the wheels? Yeah, we’ll bet it pulls hard.

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