Forum Member’s Handbuilt Widebody 996 Looks like it’ll Turn Out Great

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Homebrew bodywork modifications sometimes go horribly wrong, but this enthusiast is bucking the trend with his 996.

In a recent thread, 6 Speed Online forum user ttt123 kicked-off a new project modifying his Porsche 911 Carrera 2 into a widebody wonder with GT3-style touches.

While many of the Porsche purists may hate it, ttt123 makes sure to rebuff them. We aren’t about to give him any guff, because 996s are inexpensive and there is practically a limitless supply of nice examples. It’s your car, you do you, man!

Starting with what looks like a pretty nice, mostly-stock 996 C2, this project is evolving rapidly into a widebody supercar-wannabe-racer. This all began with a few simple cuts to get the stock quarter panels gutted apart, and a rounded flare was fabricated from sheet steel and welded on.

In similar fashion, the stock sunroof was gutted down and a piece of bare sheet metal was welded in place. Once the metal is in place, there was a bit of grinding and sanding to get things smooth, a few thin coats of bondo, and then a vividly bright shade of Synergy Green cribbed from Chevrolet’s Camaro line.

He isn’t done there, however, and says wider fenders are in the works, as well as a roof scoop to feed the engine’s Fabspeed intake. It’s a work-in-progress, though, and he’s unsure what front bumper to use or what he’s going to do to the hood.

If it were up to us, a stock GT3 front bumper is the right choice. In any case, we think this project has some serious potential with the right wheel choice and properly-done body finishing. Rock on, ttt123, rock on.

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